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Christian Charities and Organisations supported by Coningsby Baptist Church


Signpost International

Signpost International is a development agency that works through partnership with local communities in developing countries around the world to bring about change. Signpost International is founded on Christian principles - it is the reason we do what we do! - Yet we do not discriminate against people on the grounds of their faith. We want to join hands with people, churches and organisations throughout the world that value and seek to care for children in danger and need.



What drives Tearfund is a belief that the local church is the answer to poverty. Inspired by the example and teaching of Jesus, we recognise that people have deep material and spiritual needs. We seek to meet those needs by working through local churches. Churches are at the heart of their communities – full of dedicated, resourceful people who want to make a long-term difference.
Tearfund works in Africa, Asia and South America – and also across Eastern Europe and the UK.


Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is passionate, but also compassionate in communicating the Gospel to the Jews. God provides for us through individuals who share our vision for Jewish people to know Jesus.

Pray for the gospel to fall on receptive hearts and for Christians to understand that Jewish people need Jesus.


Mercy Mission International Ministries

MMIM is a church based charity located in Camberwell South London. It supports work in Sierra Leone in promoting the gospel and caring for orphans. Please pray for Pastor Julian Khan, his family and the work in Sierra Leone.


Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF is a Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft in developing countries to bring help and hope to people in need, thus sharing God’s love through aviation and technology. Their vision is that isolated people become physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s Name. Please pray for Alan & Davina Sully  MAF missionaries in Kenya .


Compassion UK

Compassion is an evangelical Christian child sponsorship organisation who give loving Christians a chance to make a difference. Rather than being overwhelmed by statistics of poverty Compassion believe it is Christian responsibility to help the poor as Christ did.

Children supported by Coningsby Baptist Church – Omary A Masudi and Joyce Mselya



Christian Concern for Our Nation  Please pray for Andrea Williams as she heads up a legal team

that support Christians treated unjustly in UK.



Based in Wrexham, Equipe is a Christian charity that supports the education of children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Child supported – Wycliffe Achola


Friends of Israel

Our mission at The Friends of Israel is focused—we are a worldwide Christian ministry communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people

The Christian Party   Tel: 01698 536421  Email: info@christianparty.org.uk

“Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" Fighting to re-establish family values and to end abortion.  Under the leadership of Revd George Hargreaves, this non-denominational Christian political party provides a united Christian witness across the nation to ensure that the message of the Bible is heard and heard where it matters.

The Bible Society 
Bible Society exists because millions lack the Bible in a language they can understand, in a form they can use or at a price they can afford.  At the same time millions still have no understanding of the Bible’s value for them and their communities. We call this Bible poverty. We are working to see a day when the Bible’s God-given revelation, inspiration and wisdom is shaping the lives and communities of people everywhere.

United Christian Broadcasters  (UCB)

A non-denominational Christian organisation, specialising in using all available forms of media to broadcast the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. Producers of the famous ‘Word for Today’ by Bob Gass, and 5 amazing radio stations including UCB UK radio and UCB TV