Our Leadership

Leadership is a very significant feature of Church life.   Our Leadership is based on the idea of the servant (diakonos).   Everyone called by God – and that includes every Christian – attested by the Spirit and confirmed by the Fellowship has a servant role to fulfil.   In fact, it would be true to say that the whole Church is a diakonos – in that we are all called to be ‘servants’ of one another.   As soon as you start to read about Leadership it is clear that there are different models used in different settings.  We take our model from the Gospels, Acts, Letters and the Pastoral Notes of Paul.   This means that we are familiar with the idea of ‘Elders’ and ‘Deacons’ and when that is possible we follow through those roles of local Church Leadership ( 1 Timothy 3: 1-16).   In normal circumstances, as a Baptist Church, there will be a Pastor(s) as a ‘senior elder’ alongside other elders and/or Deacons.   In CBC we would normally have a Pastor and/or Pastor-Moderator and Deacons.   It is the purpose of the Leadership Team to prayerfully review the life of the congregation and make observations and recommendations to the Church Meeting on major issues.   Overall, the Leadership Team has a pastoral function and is ‘charged’ with keeping an eye on the Pastoral and personal needs of the congregation.  Our Leadership then, depends on Christ to lead us in the right direction.